Sunday, 1 September 2013

Weekly music tip
Hey guys! This time Laetitia and I decided to make our weekly music tip about a song, which she likes and I am too. ;) It´s „Beautiful Liar“ from Beyonce and Shakira. It´s like an duett and Laetitia and I tried to sing it as a duett-She was Shakira and I was Beyonce and we managed to do it very well. So tried it out with one of your friends ;) It really makes a lot of fun!

XOXO Yvonne

P.s. Laetitia is now in Italy and I think when she´s home again (in exactly 1 week) she will report what she did there and how it was ;) I am going to Italy as well (on Wednesday) and on Sunday we are going to drive to Monza and watch the Formula 1 Grand Prix there. So when you´ve got some questions for us, post a comment and we will answer them ;-)

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