Monday, 25 November 2013

Last Formula 1 Report this season: GP Brazil- Interlagos

 Hey guys! Yesterday there was the last Formula1 race for this season and it was sort of an exciting and emotional race. First of all I must say that this was a great season, this motor sport is such an interesting thing for me and maybe it is because I was part of the race in Monza this year.
Vettel again had the pole ahead of Rosberg and Alonso. After a quite poor start of Vettel, Rosberg overtook him in turn 1, but after a few laps, Vettel turned back to P1. It didn´t rain, so it was very difficult for the drivers and also for the teams to find the best strategie, because it rained all the long weekend and nobody had a few details of driving under arid conditions. However, Vettel won the race ahead of Webber (who had his last race in Formula1) and Alonso(who get a new rear gunner next season- Raikkönen). There were a lot of exciting moments, like the pit stops of Vettel and Webber (because the mechanics forgot one tyre, and had to collect another) or the penaltys for Hamilton and Massa. Ferrari and Mercedes had to fight in this race for the 2nd place in the constructors championship and at the end, Mercedes won this fight with a few points advance.
Now there is a long break until March the 16th 2014 and hopefully it will get another good season like in this year. As you maybe know, there are a lot of rule changes for next year, new systems, new engines and a lot of driver switches to another team.
Massa will come to Williams, Ricciardo to Red Bull, Raikkönen to Ferrari, a new russian driver to McLaren, Hülkenberg maybe to Force India,...
So for the last time this year: Congratulations to all of the drivers and to their teams for such an exciting and good season. And have a few good days in your "holidays".  :)

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